Sheffield University Stratosphere Programme

Fastest access to the Stratosphere via a rocket launched deploy-able UAV

Meet Your Carrier: Haleios

6 hours of Endurance 

100 km of Max Range

1P Payload Bay

Live Satellite Telemetry

See it Launch!

A Snug Fit?

                          Fold and Fit into a 3U Payload Bay

Tail Scaffolding to spread the load from high G forces during launch and ejection

Parachute stowed within the scaffolding

Reach the Stratosphere and deploy within a minute

Haleios can withstand upto 22G's 

       of  acceleration during launch            

Ejection at Apogee

Deployment Sequence

1. Parachute Deploys

2. Haleios hangs by a tether to begin unfolding sequence

3. Haleios has completed unfolding sequence and is now ready to unhook from the tether